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We’ve Reached The Moon In 1 Year

We’ve reached the moon in 1 year

One year ago, Otto Scooter opened its doors for business in London and what a journey it has been! Our mission from the start has been to support delivery drivers by providing a safe, economically-friendly scooter that they’ll own. Our very first customer Dimitar is still driving with us and the family has only grown in size since then.

The journey has taken a turn of late, with Covid-19 affecting how we live and work as a society. Many delivery drivers are understandably concerned about their jobs and how to make a living. From our conversations, some drivers have reported a fall in work whilst others have seen an increase with the public staying inside and ordering out. We’ve seen the likes of Uber Eats, Stuart and Deliveroo move fast, adding social-distancing measures to boost confidence, adding new restaurants and even local convenience stores to drive demand.

Here at Otto Scooter, we’re confident that the market will adjust to these social changes and will only accelerate the desire for home deliveries. This is where people like yourself can step in, providing a valuable service to the community.

To get the most out of your job, you’ll need the right tools, and this is where Otto Scooter can help. We provide eco-friendly electric scooters on our popular ownership programme Rent 2 Buy including insurance and maintenance. This allows you to work your way towards scooter ownership and not waste money on simply renting out. You’ll also benefit from lower running costs and be helping the environment.

52 weeks later we’re still open for business and moving our family of delivery drivers to the moon and back.

Company statistics in 1 year

Our customers have done:

  • The entire Distance from planet earth to the moon
  • 10x around the earth
  • Over 38 tonnes of CO2e emissions saved

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