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New Podcast Episode On Food Delivery In London

New Podcast Episode on Food Delivery in London

We were recently featured on Otto Car’s latest podcast episode discussing the food delivery industry.

We talk about how the industry became so popular, where it’s going, and how people can get involved. We also have a chat about how people can get Electric Scooters in the UK, and start earning the easy way.

We also explore how this profession compares to the Private Hire industry, including some strong similarities, and a few differences too.

If you like what you read then be sure to check out the full episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Episode 9 – Delivering the Future

3 men sitting around a table recording a podcast for Otto Scooter

Episode Outline

We were brought in to have a chat about the food delivery industry this week, which is now valued at $81bn worldwide. One of the main things that our electric scooter riders appreciate is flexibility and freedom. That’s definitely something that this industry offers, and it attracts many different riders, many of whom appreciate part-time work, and are looking for some extra money.

Our Representative

This week our very own Alberto Garnier, who is the Co-Founder at Otto Scooter, visited the Otto Car studio to have a chat. We discuss the affordable electric scooters that we provide in London, including through our popular rent-to-buy scheme.

Our electric mopeds come fully kitted with dashcams, delivery insurance and a number of extra features that make the job easier for people that just want to start working and earning. Alberto has a clear understanding of the industry, and we were proud to hear him discuss how the company started, and what the future holds in store for riders within this industry.

What Did We Talk About?

We chatted about what riders can get out of this career, the types of people attracted by this profession, and the lifestyle they can expect.

Our chat moves onto the different companies, including UberEATS, Deliveroo and Stuart. We talk about their business models, the challenges they are facing (like false rider profiles), and the concept of “dark kitchens” that are popping up around London.

We explore the various ways that riders can make more money. This includes when in the year to work, the times of day that lead to higher earnings, and the reasons that some companies are still short of riders.

We encourage potential riders to check out the episode, to understand how they can truly benefit from this type of work.

If you would like to hear the full episode then head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and give it a listen!

Need an Electric Scooter?

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