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Gig Guy London’s Guide To Becoming A Deliveroo Rider

Gig Guy London’s Guide to Becoming a Deliveroo Rider

Looking for an easy way to explore London sustainably and make money from it? Our favorite Youtuber, Gig Guy London, has the inside scoop on everything you need to know about being a food-delivery driver in this city.

With thousands of subscribers and hundreds of informative vlogs, his channel is the best place to get answers to any of your questions about working for Uber, Deliveroo, and so much more.

That’s why we at OttoScooter knew he would be the most trustworthy man to test and enjoy OttoScooter’s Askoll ES3 Electric Moped.

Having experienced all of the perks and negatives of working as a private hire, Gig Guy London created a vlog channel. He started his information-packed channel in hopes it would answer popular questions, compare different private hiring apps, and discuss intimate details such as earnings and dealing with various customers.

He has tested and worked for multiple mobile PHV companies to expand his knowledge and create more content. Recently, he switched from driving for Uber, to driving for Deliveroo as a delivery courier.

Gig Guy London has been vlogging his experiences, making sure to capture every single aspect of the job during his shifts. He explains how easy it is to receive someone’s order for restaurants like KFC or Honest Burger, and use the Google Maps provided on the app to find the exact location for drop off.

Although he found the job itself to be a pleasant experience, he realized that driving his car didn’t allow him to get as many orders filled as he hoped. During the 18:00-21:00 shift, Gig Guy London was able to complete five orders to earn a total amount of £28.92. This means for every hour of his shift he made an average of £9.64.

Recently, Gig Guy London switched from using his car for Deliveroo deliveries to using one of OttoScooter’s electric moped rentals. In a few of his latest videos, this Deliveroo courier again shows his personal experience working an evening shift on a Friday, however, he shows how different it is using a rental moped versus a car.

Driving for Deliveroo

Using OttoScooter’s Askoll ES3, he shows everything from a first-person view of steering the moped, to what and where from the Deliveroo customer ordered, to how much money he made that shift.

By letting the audience hear the personal exchanges between him and the customer and providing time-checks and mileage checks throughout the vlog, he was able to clearly convey the step-by-step process of working as a food-delivery driver. Throughout the vlog, the Deliveroo rider continuously mentioned the ease of using the eMoped and how much time it saves him compared to using his car.

In fact, when reviewing his earnings from this shift, the electric moped rental allowed this Deliveroo courier to complete seven orders to make a total earnings of £35.23. This means he made about £11.74 per hour of his shift, or £2 more per hour than using his car. Gig Guy London’s video concluded with him declaring, “Bike’s amazing, range is good, and I had a lot of fun being on the bike.”

Electric Scooter Rental

If you’re intrigued by the comparison in results, but are hesitant about using an electric moped rental for the first time, Gig Guy London also has a video explaining everything you need to know about battery installation and how to operate the vehicle. As the Deliveroo rider says in the video, the rental moped lifestyle is quite easy to adjust to.

With OttoScooter’s unique safety features such as the front and rear-facing cameras and the built-in tracking device in the unlikely case of theft, you will always feel protected while on the job. If you’re a hard-working Deliveroo courier, taking as many shifts as possible, you may enjoy our different battery-package options.

As Gig Guy London discusses in his video, OttoScooter provides the option of a four battery pack deal that allows you to use two batteries for your shift while you charge an additional two batteries at home. This is very convenient because the batteries at home will be fully charged by the time you are done with your first or second shift.

Scooters for Deliveroo Riders

With his easy to follow tutorials and his fantastic referral code that gets you a discount off of your first week’s scooter rental, Gig Guy London shows just how simple it is to drive and handle an eMoped for food delivery.