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Electric bikes for sale
Electric bikes for sale

Otto Scooter proudly declares the “EcoRide Revolution

Limited Stock eBike Sale

Be part of our ‘EcoRide Revolution’ and buy our perfectly maintained, pre-owned vehicles. Contribute to a greener and cleaner environment with us!

only £250!*

+ 5 weekly payments of £50

*T&Cs apply

Why take advantage of the EcoRide Revolution:

With the EcoRide Revolution you will own an agile and durable vehicle for eco-friendly urban commuting at a very affordable price.

Askoll Es3 produces zero emissions, making it a planet-friendly choice.

Our flexible rental options will suit your budget and needs: We want to make eco-friendly transportation accessible to everyone.

Ride carefree, without worrying about maintenance, and relying on food delivery insurance.

Explore the vibrant streets of London with our wide selection of bicycles available for rent. From stylish scooters to reliable road bikes, we have four different types that will suit your waye el through
Our plan:


Sale Price: Downpayment of £250

Rent 2 Buy Payments: + 5 weekly payments of £50

Service: 1 service included (excl. consumable parts i.e tubes, brake pads, tyres etc)

Close-up of Wayel ebig tyre and back rack

• Prices and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

• Monthly service pack covers essential maintenance, excluding consumable parts like tires, tubes, brake pads, etc.

• Weekly rentals include one set of batteries and one charger. Additional charger rentals available at £5 per week.

• Deposit for batteries is refundable upon return in good condition.

Test Rides Available!

Visit our showroom for a test ride and experience the future of commuting.

Hit the button to reserve your eBike from Otto Scooter!

Reserve it today!