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An electric scooter with a rear cargo box parked against a concrete wall.
Promotional blue banner stating "offer reserved to gopuff riders!.
White electric scooter with delivery box parked against a concrete wall.
Blue banner with the text "offer reserved to gopuff riders!" in white font.





( INSTEAD OF £79 / WEEK! )

Check out the details below and hit the button to pre-book the best e-scooter
for your deliveries with incredible maneuverability and efficiency from Otto Scooter.

Reserve one today!

White electric scooter isolated on a white background.
Modern electric scooter isolated on white background.
Electric scooter isolated on a white background.
Electric delivery scooter parked on a city street with residential buildings in the background.
Delivery person riding an electric scooter with a cargo box.


Askoll ES-Pro70 has a powerful 2,700 watt electric motor providing a maximum range of 50 miles and allowing the bike to rapidly accelerate to its top speed of 41 mph.

Main Features:
Equipped with a strong but lightweight frame that allows an intensive use while remaining easy to move in traffic and comfortable to drive, ES-Pro70 is designed to transport you and your deliveries back and forth across the city with maximum efficiency.
The synchronous technology allows to save more than 50% of energy compared to conventional electric motors.
100% made in Italy!

Running costs:
• Recharge costs pennies
• Being electric there are very few mechanical parts
• Very little wear and tear

Close-up view of the handlebar and digital dashboard of a modern scooter.
Available Accessories

You can add any of the below accessories to your contract for a small additional fee per week.

  • Extra Batteries (+£20.00 per week)
  • Extra Charger (+£10.00 per week)
  • U-Lock (+£5.00 per week)
  • Helmet (+£10.00 per week)
  • Handlebar Mitts (+£5.00 per week)
  • Wind Shield (+£10 per week)
  • Leg Cover (+£10 per week)

Accessories are subject to availability.

Silhouette of a bicycle with front and rear fenders and a rear cargo rack.


We’ve got you covered!


What’s the minimum age?

The minimum age for our electric mopeds is 21 years and over.

What’s the minimum experience?

You must already have at least 1 month experience working as a delivery rider, and be living in London for at least 6 months.

You also must speak a good level of English.

What about points on my license?

Normally we can accept up to 6 points on your licence, however certain convictions such as IN10’s cannot be accepted onto our scheme.

We recommend to call us before visiting if you have any major convictions.

What about past accidents?

We cannot accept more than 1 Faulty accident or 2 Non Faulty accidents occurred in the last 3 years.

Downpayment: This is a deposit that is refundable when the vehicle is returned in the same condition.

Weekly Rental: You pay this on a weekly basis, and servicing and insurance will be active free of charge as long as you pay your weekly payments.

Any damage you cause yourself, they are not included and you will be liable for the repairs costs

No, the minimum rental is 4 weeks.

At the moment, we offer the Askoll eSPro70, one of the leading state-of-the-art electric mopeds on the market. We have tested a large number of fully electric mopeds for the purpose of food delivery, and this is the best one we found due to its intelligent removable batteries and its top speed.

We are continuously seeking new high-quality electric mopeds and intend on offering an additional range of mopeds in the future.

Each moped has two batteries, and they take 3-4 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

As the log book of the moped is in our name, the PCN will come to us first. We’ll then transfer the PCN into the your name, then you can decide to pay or appeal it.

Due to the amount of time and effort it takes to transfer liability, there is a small charge of £5. This is significantly lower than most of our competitors.

We apply an excess of £600 only if we receive back the batteries and the chargers (they should never left inside the vehicles overnight). Otherwise you will be liable for the entire cost of the vehicle.